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Hartland Primary School

Live, learn, enjoy and achieve


At pre-school, we build.
At pre-school, we try new things.

At pre-school, we solve problems.
At pre-school, we talk.
At pre-school, we make friends.
At pre-school we work together.
At pre-school, we learn through our play.
At pre-school, we make mess!


We enjoy working and playing with Class 1 throughout the week in our joint outside area, and also during our free-flow afternoon on a Friday afternoon. 


To start our new topic, we did a WOW morning together where we got a visit from The Night Pirates who needed our help getting their treasure back! We made lots of different sea creatures to scare the other creatures off and they rewarded us with a big collection of treasure to keep!

Take a look at our pirate adventures...


To finish our pirates topic and the end of the school year, we enjoyed a trip to Atlantis! We had rides on the ship, bounced on the pillows, got lost in the maze, panned for treasure and played on the big pirate ship.
Thank you to everyone who joined us for our adventure - take a look at our pictures of the fun we had!