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Children's Achievements

 Congratulations to children who have been awarded responsibilities at school this year - particularly to our Head Boy and Girl.  These children are excited to start their roles and be role models for other children around the school. 


Congratulations to the following children for being awarded prizes for progress and achievement at the end of the term:


Progress Prizes

Class 1: Rocky Le Measurier and Sophia Lilley

Class 2: Henry Pomeroy and Grace Stafford

Class 3:  Lily Prouse and Jessica Cornish

Class 4:  Cameron Harwood and Malachi O'Dwyer

Class 5:  Jessie Brawn and Tommy Thorne

Governor's Cup: Willow Curnow


Reading Cup: James Heard


Writing Cup: Tomass Rimkus


Maths Cup: James Benn


Sports Cup: Hugo Arkless


Tag Rugby Trophy: 





Infant Art Cup:  Mason Hussey


Junior Art Cup: Jaycob Hall


Music Cup: Flynn Guess


Science Cup: Dylan Roe


Star Award: Frankie Scott