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Welcome to Class 2's Page

Teacher: Mrs Brown

Support Staff: Mrs Arkless

P.E Days

Monday and Thursday

Your child needs to come dressed ready for PE



You will come home with a homework sheet every Thursday explaining what your homework will be for that week. It will mainly consist of reading and spelling but may have some activities which you can do with an adult at home. You do not need to hand any homework in, but please remember to learn your spellings ready for your spelling test the following Friday and to write in your reading diary every time you read. 


Reading Rainbow

Every time you read at home and write it in your diary you will achieve a sticker in school. For every three times you read in a week, you will move down a colour level on the reading rainbow heading towards the pot of gold (and a prize!) and earn yourself a raffle ticket for the termly prize draw!

You will all come home with a reading book matched to your phonics/reading level each week as well as a library book. You do not have to read a whole book each time you read, just a page or two will be great and it does not always need to be your school reading book; you could read a magazine, library book or a book you have at home. You could share a book with an adult at bedtime, read to a younger sibling or friend, read signs or posters whilst out and about with your family, anything!

Please ensure you have your reading book and diary in school every day.


Summer 2nd Half Term


MATHS: Time, Position and Direction

ENGLISH: A Walk in London (Non-Fiction), The Owl and the Pussy Cat (Poetry)

OUR GEOGRAPHY TOPIC IS: UK Food and Farming (Theme: Trade)

SCIENCE: Living Things and their Habitats

DT: Mechanisms (Wheels and Axles)

COMPUTING: Programming B: An Introduction to Quizzes

RE: Unit 1.9: How should we are for the world and others and why does it matter?

PE: Net and Wall Games

MUSIC: Playing: Your Imagination

PSHE: Being my Best


Summer 1st Half Term


MATHS: Statistics, Fractions, Money

ENGLISH: Tadpole's Promise (Narrative)

OUR HISTORY TOPIC IS: Technology Changes within Living Memory (Theme: Culture)

SCIENCE: Plants 2

ART: Collage (Drawing with Scissors)

COMPUTING: Creating Media (Making Music)

RE: Unit 1.7: Who is Jewish and How do they Live? Part 2

PE: Athletics

MUSIC: Singing: Music Festival Songs

PSHE: Rights and Respect

Spring 2nd Half Term


MATHS: Place Value, Measures (length & height, capacity, mass)

ENGLISH: Seed to Sunflower (Non-Chronological Report)

OUR GEOGRAPHY TOPIC IS: Continents and Oceans, Daintree Rainforest (Theme: Physical)

SCIENCE: Plants 1

DT: Textiles

COMPUTING: Data and Information (Pictograms)

RE: Unit 1.7: Who is Jewish and How do they Live? Part 1

PE: Dance

MUSIC: Playing: Zootime

PSHE: Growing and Changing


Spring 1st Half Term


MATHS: Shape, Multiplication and Division, Measures

ENGLISH: Sylvia and Bird (Narrative), Seed to Sunflower (Non-Chronological Report)

OUR HISTORY TOPIC IS: The Great Fire of London (Theme: Clues from the Past)

SCIENCE: Everyday Materials

ART: Sculpture (Structures)

COMPUTING: Robot Algorithims

RE: Unit 1.1: God: What do Christians believe God is Like?

PE: Invasion Games

MUSIC: Playing: I Wanna Play in a Band

PSHE: Keeping Safe


Autumn 2nd Half Term

MATHS: Addition and Subtraction, Shape

ENGLISH: Chinese New Year (Non-Chronological Report), How to Catch Santa (Instructions)

OUR GEOGRAPHY TOPIC IS: Characteristics of Rivers (Theme: Fieldwork)

SCIENCE: Animals, including humans 2

DT: Food (Fruit)

COMPUTING: Creating Media: Digital Photography

RE: Unit 1.10: What does it mean to belong to a faith community? 

PE: Gymnastics

MUSIC: Singing (Christmas Nativity Songs)

PSHE: Valuing Differences


Autumn 1st Half Term

MATHS: Number and Place Value, Addition and Subtraction

ENGLISH: Don't Spill the Milk (Narrative), I Love Bugs (Poetry)

OUR HISTORY TOPIC IS: Sir Francis Drake and the Spanish Armada and Christopher Columbus (Theme: Conflict)

SCIENCE: Animals, including humans 

ART: Drawing (Picasso)

COMPUTING: Computing systems and networks; IT around us

RE: Unit 1.2 Creation: Who made the World?

PE: Ball Skills

MUSIC: Hey You! (Charanga)

PSHE: Me and My Relationships


Knowledge Organisers