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The Arts

The Creative Arts are a large part of not only our school's curriculum but also our children's personal development.  lWe are very proud to have been awarded our Silver Artsmark award in 2020.  This achievement is awarded by the Arts Council.  

Within our curriculum we focus on developing the children’s skills and experience in painting, printing, drawing, collage, textiles, sculpture and working with wood. The children learn about one of these strands each half term and we display and track how their skills progress in this area as they travel through the school. They get to explore and use a range of high quality resources and look at and talk about artists’ work,  giving them an idea of the breadth of artistic possibility.

Children in KS2 have the opportunity to work in an Art Studio at one of our fellow ACCT schools with a skilled expert to hone their sculpture skills. We also work hard to offer the Arts through after school clubs, including KS1 and KS2 Art clubs, Creative Outdoors club, Choir club and brass group.

At Hartland Primary we give the children opportunities to learn to play musical instruments as part of the school curriculum. This gives the children access to a range of instruments, including steel pans, drums, violins and ukele and involves learning the basic techniques. At the end of the unit of work they perform to each other and to parents. We have a close relationship with Hartland Town Band, who donate instruments to those children who show an passion during curriculum time and provide a brass group within the school day to encourage those children to continue learning.

We have many opportunities for our children to enjoy singing across the academic year; during the Autumn Term all classes contribute to a Harvest Festival; at Christmas we perform a whole school Christmas play to parents, in the Summer Term at the Summer Fayre the children perform to an audience. During the Summer Term both KS1 and KS2 have the opportunity to take part in an annual Singing Festival, alongside hundred of other pupils from across the local area. We also have weekly whole school singing assemblies where we sing a range of songs that are carefully chosen to support both our Music curriculum and our School Values.