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Phonics - Little Wandle Essential Letters and Sounds Revised

We believe every child can learn to read. Phonics is making connections between the sounds of our spoken words and the letters that are used to write them down. It opens up the potential of reading and so much other learning, too. Children are at an advantage if they are taught phonics efficiently and as early as possible in their learning journey.

At Hartland Primary we use Little Wandle as a validated Synthetic Systematic Phonics programme (SSP).  Parents are invited to attend a phonics evening for EYFS and Y1 in the Autumn Term.  See below for advice and resources to support you and child with phonics at home.

Click on the link above for information about pronounciation of sounds, information on how phonics is taught, and details about the books that your child will bring home.

For an overview of the order and pace at which the sounds are taught take a look at our Programme Overview Reception and Year 1.

For details of the structure of our phonics lessons and why phonics in early reading is important please read our information for parents.

For our policy on how we implement Phonics please see our Phonics and Early Reading policy.