Hartland Primary School

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Hartland Primary School is a  foundation member of the ACCT. We have been working with our Foundation and Partner Schools (Appledore Primary, Instow Primary, the Village Schools Partnership (Woolsery, Buckland Brewer and Parkham), St Georges' Infant Northam, St Margarets' Junior Northam, St Mary’s Primary Bideford) for a number of years. 

This year the trust has provided the children with opportunities to take part in an E-safety workshop and design and film their own video, and perform in a singing festival with hundreds of other children.

Our teachers have been able to spend time with other trust teachers moderating and sharing literacy and numeracy work. 

Our Trust partners are the University of St Mark and St John, the Atlantic Racquet Centre, the Northam Care Trust and Braunton Learning Co-operative Trust.

As a member of a Co-operative Trust, our work is underpinned by the Co-operative Values and Ethics

Values: Democracy, Equality, Equity, Solidarity, Self- help & Self – responsibility

Ethics: Openness, Honesty, Social Responsibility, Caring for Others