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Welcome to Class 4's page! 

Class 4

Welcome back Class 4!

I hope you all have had a relaxing Easter break and took some time to enjoy the sunshine whilst it was out! Fingers crossed we get more of the same weather now we are back to school!

For the Summer term we will be looking at the ‘The Tudors’ for our geography and history lessons. Our geography lessons will revolve around some of the major cities in the UK that the Tudors lived in during this era. We will also be looking at other countries within Europe and other continents as we look at famous Tudor explorers who ventured to find trade links across the world (see Topic knowledge organiser attached below).

We will begin a new science area as we start 'Earth and Space' this term. This is a really exciting subject area as we can delve into what really is out there in our solar system and how the world moves around the sun to enable us to have day and night time. See our science knowledge organisers below for more information.

We will be staying as a class from now until the end of term for our art and Spanish (MFL) lessons and will be looking into Tudor portraits and attempting to replicate these as a group. Each week on a Friday afternoon, I will teach our Class Spanish whilst Mr Teuchmann teaches Class 5 Computing (ICT). Half way through the afternoon, we will then swap and I will teach Spanish to Class 5 and Mr Teuchmann will teach our Class for Computing! 

Please continue to commit to reading daily, even if it is for a short period of time. If you can, read to a family member to help practice reading aloud (this will really boost your confidence!). Please keep your reading up-to-date with which pages you have read each week, ensuring that a minimum of 15 pages are read by Thursday each week for Mrs Slee and I to check. Homework is due on Thursday mornings to give myself and Mrs Slee time to mark and feedback to you, before printing and sticking the next weeks homework in your books on Friday morning. Spelling tests will continue to be done every Friday. 

If you have any questions please feel free to get in contact with me.

Thank you,

Mr Ellis and Mrs Slee





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