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Welcome to Class 4's page! 

Class 4

Welcome back Class 4!

I hope you all had a summer holidays and spent lots of time with your family and friends in the sunshine.

This year we have been lucky enough to welcome three new children into our class and we have all been very excited to introduce ourselves and make them feel welcome. This term we will be starting a new Topic on ‘Crime and punishment – The Anglo-Saxon era’ and trying to consider the key question ‘Can you reflect on the lives of Edgar Stines and Harold Chanty and consider whether the punishment for their crimes were fair and just?’. In doing so, we will make comparisons between these older methods for punishing crime and our justice system today (see Topic knowledge organiser attached below). The area of science that we will be learning about for the first half term of this academic year is ‘Light’ whereby we will look into how light sources create light and how materials reflect light (see Science knowledge organiser attached below). We will look to answer the question ‘Why would it be a bad idea for a cyclist to wear a black woollen jumper at night rather than a hi-vis jacket?’.

This year will differ slightly to previous years in that Class 4 will be split into two groups every Wednesday afternoon. The year 4’s will be merging with Class 3 each week and the year 5’s with Class 5. On alternating weeks each group will either spend the afternoon either doing Art/DT with Miss Poole or learning Spanish with myself. Our PE lessons for this term will be on Monday afternoons. Please continue to come to school dressed in your PE kits on Mondays to save the time and hassle of changing and reduce to reduce the amount of items being brought into school from home.  

Furthermore, please ensure that your child/children read daily, even if it is for a short period of time. If possible, it is always beneficial to ask just a couple of questions to your child after a short reading session to ensure that they have comprehended the words on the page whilst they were reading. Please try hard to keep your child’s reading up-to-date in their reading diaries by writing which pages they have read and any little notes you wish to make on their reading. I am expecting the children to read three times per week with at least 5 pages being read each time they read (a total of 15 pages per week).

I am looking forward to our first half term of the year together!

If you have any questions please feel free to get in contact with me.

Thank you,

Mr Ellis and Mrs Slee






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