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Governing Board of Hartland Primary School
Hartland Primary School is part of the ACCT (Atlantic Coast Co-operative Trust), therefore, the Governing Board are the legal employers of all staff at our school. The governing board also hold responsibility for all areas of the curriculum, standards, admissions, staff appointments and health and safety.
The governing board is made up of the FGB and 2 sub committees, Resources and Teaching and Learning.  The FGB will meet on the following dates through 2023-2024
FGB Teaching & Learning Resources

26th September 2023 5.30pm (Housekeeping)

11th October 2023 - 6.30pm

26th March 2024 - 6.30pm

16th July 2024 - 5.30pm

11th October 2023 - 5.30pm

10th January 2024 - 5.30pm

24th April 2024 - 5.30pm

1st November 2023 - 5.30pm

26th March 2024 - 5.30pm

19th June 2024 - 5.30pm

 Pay Committee - 1st November 2023 - 7.00pm


 Minutes and Agendas for Governing Board meetings are public documents and are available from either the Governor's Noticeboard in the main foyer, or from Donna Weeks, clerk@hartland.devon.sch.uk. These are Approved Draft Minutes and may be changed at the next Governing Board Meeting for factual errors

The Governing Board can be contacted through Donna Weeks, Clerk to Governors. E-mail - clerk@hartland.devon.sch.uk or 01237441258.