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Relationships, Sex and Health Education


At Hartland Primary the Department for Education (DfE)  Relationships, Sex and Health Education (RSE) curriculum is  taught as part of our PSHE curriculum. Some aspects are either introduced, revised or explored in greater depth in other subjects such as Science, English and Computing (eg e-safety).

Our Health education includes sex education and other aspects relating growing up and keeping safe. This programme of learning is made up of lessons carefully sequenced and introduced to ensure a progression of learning that meets the DfE statutory requirements that includes topics such as:

  • basic first aid
  • the importance of sleep how to seek help
  • identifying and managing risk and making choices
  • how bodies change and their function (including reproduction)
  • relationship and sex education (including consent)
  • medicine and drugs
  • alcohol, cigarettes and vaping

Most of the lessons are from SCARF, a UK charity provider of PSHE and wellbeing education in primary schools, and we supplement them with PSHE Association, NSPCC and St John Ambulance lesson plans and resources. The exact content and delivery of a lesson will be adapted to the needs of the individual class.

Research now shows that children with better health (including mental health) and wellbeing are likely to achieve better academically. By learning about positive relationships, respect for themselves and others, and behaving appropriately and safely online, they are better able to enjoy their friendships and therefore focus more at school.

Progression of 'Growing and Changing' content

Puberty Glossary

How can parents support teaching of RSE

Information for parents about right to withdraw from Sex Education lessons

Parents and guardians of children can only withdraw children from a lesson that includes non-statutory sex education.  If you have any questions or you desire to remove your child please email admin@hartland.devon.sch.uk