Dartmoor Teaching School Alliance

Hartland Primary School is a member of the Dartmoor Teaching School Alliance. This alliance is based at Okehampton College and has members from many different Primary and Secondary schools including all of our ACCT schools.

Our links with this alliance enable us to access  staff training and to widen the professional development network for our staff.  

Follow this link to find out more:  www.dartmoortsa.org.uk


Part of the support the Dartmoor Teaching School Alliance provides to schools is through school to school support, this is where a member of staff from one school may provide guidance or support to another school. This is done through the designated roles of Specialist Leaders of Education and Dartmoor Leaders of Education. The application and interview process for these roles is rigorous.


At Hartland Primary School we are pleased to say that one of the designated Dartmoor Leaders of Education is a member of our  teaching staff.